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Quality piping engineering in the chemical, petrochemical, oil&gas fields since 1989

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Quality lies in details and we handle them very carefully

Our industrial engineering experience dates back to 1989. We started our activity in partnership with other societies, until 1998 when Tecno Beta was founded. Since 2005 we have expanded our market to world trade. We are currently working with a high number of chemical, petrochemical, oil&gas companies both in civil and in industrial fields


Manufacturing assistance

Thanks to our experience we can take charge of a wide range of activities, including development of civil and industrial engineering (from thermoelectrics and hydroelectrics to chemical and petrolchemical plants), and designing of equipments, structures, piping and pipe supports.

Based on customer-defined processes, we perform feasibility studies, basic engineering aimed at assessing investment costs, detailed engineering of civil plants, design of metal structures, piping, pressurized parts, power installations, on-site assistance and thecnical inspection

We worked with chemical, pharmaceutical and offshore plants, developing detailed engineering, structural estimation, assembly planning, constructive design for civil works

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We provide our customers with a wide range of services

Piping Systems Development

Development (2D/3D) of general plan, piping layout, isometric sketches with materials list. Thermal analisys of static and dynamic piping systems such as pipelines, underground pipelines, refineries, chemical plants, power plants, circular or square conducted smoke-section chimneys, marine pipes: raiser, well heads, manifolds. Standard Reference: ASME, ANSI, B31.1, B31.3, B31.4, B31.8, BS806, BS8010

Structure Development

Complete Engineering development and calculation, details and checks for plants, package, skid construction. Graphic drawing (2D and 3D). Construction drawings, design verification of elevated / flat structures. Construction, lift, transportation and launch analysis. Modules, skid, fireplaces, and torches on land or on platforms.

Atmospheric Pressure Equipment development

Verification of the entire equipment or of parts of it, according to the following standards: API650/620, ASME VIII div. 1/2, BS5500, BS5169, BS2654, TEMA, ISPESL, DIN, GOST. 1 / 2, BS5500, BS5169, BS2654, TEMA, ISPESL, DIN, GOST. Checking structural components under lifting, transporting, and operating conditions, as well as stress conditions (earthquake / wind stress). Internal / external components check using official procedures (WRC107, WRC297,BS5500 App. G, NEMA, API610). Analysis under deformation / solicitation, effort check.

Manufacturing assistance

Construction technical analysis both on site and at factory, tracking of materials, work in progress status check. Support and assistance during technical inspections and delivery phases.

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